One recipient of Vintage Dental & Vision Voucher Programs recipient recently had an abscessed molar that they did not want to have pulled. This person was missing molars on both sides of the mouth, so this molar is crucial to being able to chew. Due to underlying health issues, the abscessed molar put this person in danger of getting a potentially life-threatening heart condition. With assistance from Vintage and a local non-profit agency, this person received a root canal and a crown. The person stated that “getting all that infection out of my tooth and jaw is already making life more livable. I’m a long time resident, and worked for many years before an accident put me onto disability, and now “disability retirement” so my income doesn’t go very far. People like me are struggling to be able to cover things like dental, which is so crucial to health. I hope eventually the COVID situation improves, and I can thank you in person, but for now, please know that your help is very, very much appreciated.”

Date posted: February 2, 2021 | Author: