The links on this page are links to reliable government resources for use in gaining the most current, accurate information. While we realize these are stressful times for many, the best thing to do is to have access to what the experts are telling all of us. There are so many stories and “advice” available on the internet running the gamut from partially true to totally false, it is important to get the facts from trusted resources. We cannot afford to have gossip, rumors, and scare-tactics circulating. It is critical that the resources you and your team have access to are as accurate as possible.

PLEASE rely on the official, trusted sources for information and not secondhand knowledge. Rumors and bad information spread faster than any disease out there, which only causes distress.


Building Hope, a nonprofit organization in Summit County focusing in healthy habits, and behavior health has created a workbook to assist people with tools to deal with any anxiety around COVID-19, the virus itself, being at home, opening back up, or any other topic that might cause concern for you and/or your family. You are urged to share this with your contact list – please give credit to Building Hope – and work through this thoughtful workbook with a friend, in a group (social distancing needed ? or alone. The exercises will help with life in general and this time specifically. Click Here for Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook.

Seeing the Good

In the days and weeks ahead, it is imperative that our country, our state, and our communities pull together and use our influence to bend the curve on COVID-19 cases. Many of our Region’s businesses are already providing strong leadership, and through outreach, policy and compassion, have helped workers and families navigate this crisis a bit more easily. Look for ways to turn this in to a positive for you and your community and family.

Additional information for Employers and Employees click here.

Monitoring the Situation – National and Worldwide

Monitoring the Situation – Statewide

Monitoring the Situation – Region 12

For information about your municipality or areas outside Region 12, please go to the local website


County Public Health offices and other trusted sources have shared information for the residents and businesses in REGION 12 to help you learn more about precautions you and your family can take, what to do if you get sick, and what you can do if you are an employer.






  • Summit County Public Health
    Links to the Summit County Alert Center giving the public up-to-the minute information as it changes.
  • Summit County Public Information: 970-668-9730
  • Summit County Human Services: 970-668-2940
  • Summit Foundation
    A complete guide for non-profit assistance in Summit County