NWCCOG is dedicated to making necessary accommodations to provide access to the services we provide and the information on this website. If you would like assistance with access to documents, content or services, please contact us at for the most timely assistance or, the Executive Director, who is the ADA Coordinator for NWCCOG. We will put you in direct contact with the appropriate employee, specific to your needs. You may also call or text (970)471-9050.


NWCCOG Women Making a Difference in Local Government

Rachel Tuyn, Jonnah Glassman, Dana Wood and Becky Walter work in their respective local governments. In a region where the spirit of the Old West still lingers, these women are breaking new ground alongside some of their counterparts.

NLF Creates Client Profiles

Building economic resilience one loan at a time

The NLF recently completed a sample booklet of a diverse set of loan fund clients. For many business owners there comes a time in the phases of starting, growing, and expanding their business, where additional funds are needed - for inventory, equipment, operating capital, real estate acquisition , business acquisitions, and the like. Funds that…

Client Profile

Eagle Climbing + Fitness

NLF funds enabled Eagle Climbing + Fitness to equip and staff a world-class facility without high interest loans or unreasonable loan covenants. Funds were used for equipment such as climbing walls, hand holds, padded flooring, harnesses and ropes. NLF is proud to be the public lender for this project…THE world-class climbing gym and fitness facility between Golden and Grand Junction.

Success Story


Job loss following a cancer diagnosis can compound the hardships faced by members of our communities, as it did for this senior couple in Dumont. Their manufactured home was a high energy user with an old furnace—only 63% efficient—delivering more heated air to the outside rather than inside. A sewer leak and an incorrectly vented…

Success Story

Red Cliff Broadband Program

Cliff never felt so far from civilization as when cell phones and broadband be-came standard tools for living and working. Town doggedly pursued broadband to bring the modern era to it’s citizens for close to a decade, and didn’t get far until NWCCOGs program came along. After nearly 4 years of assistance from NWCCOG and…

Latest Resources & Reports

Mission Statement

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments fosters innovative regional solutions and supports local government members by managing diverse programs that deliver direct services and grant funding opportunities to beneficiaries across the region; providing leadership, guidance, and partnership building; and advocating members’ interests and needs with local, state, and federal entities.

Who We Are

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) is a voluntary association of county and municipal governments that believes in the benefits of working together on a regional basis. NWCCOG serves 30 member jurisdictions in a 6-county region of northwest Colorado.

Many of our programs and services extend beyond the base region of our membership. Click on the button below to explore maps of each service area, or instead, explore each program by looking through the What We Do Menu above. The Who We Are menu above has more information about our People, including the Council, Admin Staff. It also is a place to access our plethora of recent communications. Each program page has a Client Profile or Success Story to help ‘put a face’ on what we do.

The Advantages of a Regional Organization

These are some of the things our members are saying about the advantages of a regional organization:

  • NWCCOG provides services to its members that are more cost-effective and efficient when executed on a regional basis, rather than being duplicated by each member jurisdiction.
  • NWCCOG provides the “critical mass” necessary to take advantage of various federal programs.
  • NWCCOG provides strength to individual member jurisdictions by speaking with a unified voice on regional issues.
  • NWCCOG provides a regional perspective to local, state, and federal policy makers.

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