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The ideal Northwest Loan Fund (NLF) client is a new or growing business within our service area that is creating jobs or providing positive economic impact for the local economy. The categories for which the NLF makes loans include:

  • Acquisition of an existing business
  • Business expansion
  • Start-up costs for a new or expanding business
  • Purchase of business-occupied real estate
  • Purchase of equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • Inventory and working capital

The program does require collateral, though it can often participate with other lenders to take a collateral position behind those lenders. Size and term will vary. Most loans have ranged from $10,000 to $500,000. With fees at 2-3% and favorable interest rates, NLF loans are very competitive. The NLF is often able to take greater risks than conventional banks because the program exists to help with local economic development, so it is able to welcome new and expanding businesses that may not yet qualify for traditional bank financing for various reasons. The NLF often partners with banks or private lenders to fill a gap that may exist between a the needs of a business and the traditional financing for which they currently qualify.

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loans closed

$4 million

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Client Profile

Energize Colorado Gap Funding Program

Through the fall of 2020, the NLF managed Energized application scoring, analysis and funding for all of Northwest Colorado, processing 637 applications which was the 2nd most for any region behind the Denver Metro area. The Energize Colorado Gap fund through the NLF and through NWCCOG acting as a fiscal agent awarded $1.674 million in grants to 128 businesses.

Client Profile

Eagle Climbing + Fitness


NLF funds enabled Eagle Climbing +Fitness to equip and staff a world-class facility without high interest loans or unreasonable loan covenants. Funds were used for equipment such as climbing walls, hand holds, padded flooring, harnesses and ropes. NLF is proud to be the public lender for this project…THE world-class climbing gym and fitness facility between Golden and Grand Junction.  
Anita Cameron

Anita Cameron

Director of Business Lending
Anita Cameron, Director of Business Lending for the Northwest Loan Fund, grew up in a rural town of 100. An Entrepreneur Father had her sights set on Business Banking from an early age. With a Graduate Degree in Bank Management, she held Senior positions for years in Denver banks then returned to her small town...
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