Who We Are

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) is a voluntary association of county and municipal governments in Region 12 established by Executive Order that benefits from working together on a regional basis. NWCCOG Water Quality/Quantity Committee (QQ) is the water policy arm of NWCCOG with a separate board, membership, and dues structure.

QQ facilitates and augments member jurisdictions’ efforts to protect and enhance the region’s water resources while encouraging its responsible use for the good of Colorado citizens and the environment. QQ is the only group of local governments in the state dedicated to water quality and quantity protection of Colorado’s headwaters.

2023 QQ Region Map
2023 QQ Region Map

QQ Officers

Kathy Chandler-Henry

QQ Chair

Eagle County Commissioner

Greg Poschman

QQ Vice-Chair

Pitkin County Commissioner

April Long

QQ Secretary

Ruedi Water & Power Authority Director

QQ Consultant Team

Anna Drexler-Dreis

QQ Member Services

Fountainhead Consulting


Torie Jarvis

QQ Attorney

Sullivan Green Seavy LLC


Ashley Bembenek

Alpine Environmental Consultants LLC


Jared Petsche

Legislative Outreach

Reel Politics


Barbara Green

General Counsel

Sullivan Green Seavy LLC