Who We Are

The Member Services “program” is primarily work done by the Executive Director drawing upon administrative staff, including our communications and GIS consultants and sometimes those in other programs to address specific requests by the Council. We get asked a lot about what a Council of Governments does. The short answer is we exist to do what our Membership, which is made up of Municipalities and Counties, wants us to do. Some of those requests become programs that last for years. Others may be stood-up to meet a specific need.

We observe for and listen to challenges facing our membership. Much of the content for our Reports and Newsletters which can be found under Who We Are tab above is generated through listening for trends and needs. Those in local government face common issues. There is a lot of idea sharing and learning that happens among members, and NWCCOG seeks to encourage that, especially through Council meetings. When a topic can benefit from a deeper dive, we often seek experts to present to the Council, or write a report. Funding for Member Services operations and projects comes from Member Dues. Those are leveraged when possible with Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grants and funding from other partners. As time allows from other duties, the Executive Director often works with member boards or councils to facilitate retreats or perform direct services such as assisting with a Manger search.
Service Area

NWCCOG Foundation

The Mission of the NWCCOG Foundation is to provide a mechanism for the member jurisdictions of Northwest Colorado Council of Governments to work collaboratively with not for profit organizations, citizen based groups and individuals on projects of mutual interest and benefit for the region. 

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NWCCOG Executive Director, Jon Stavney, has extensive experience in local government, working with staff, boards and councils. He places a high value on any opportunity to advise, guide or assist councils/boards and staff at critical decision points or when they want to improve their governance skills. Elections provide this opportunity on a regular, scheduled basis, often brining enthusiastic new faces with little experience working together on a board to make decisions. It is often noted that one new board member can change the dynamics of the group, so even minor board changeover is a key time for groups to check-in and iron out how they want to operate together, and confirm priorities. Executive staff turnover is another pivot point when an outside perspective can be useful. Upon request from a Member Jurisdiction, and pending schedule availability and capacity, NWCCOG can facilitate a variety of activities that can be tailored to meet local needs, or help locate another facilitator to meet those needs.

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