• It is often noted that all discussions about public policy, economics, or quality of life in the NWCCOG Region eventually lead to housing.  The issue is not new to our region. In fact, many of our jurisdictions have been on the cutting edge of public policy in the housing sector for decades.

There is tremendous expertise regarding public housing policy in mountain communities where innovation continues.  At the behest of members, NWCCOG has issued reports dealing with Housing including:

Regional Workforce Housing Report (an overview on communities housing)

Older Adult 2020 Housing Needs Assessment  (a report highlighting the need to build with older adults in mind)

The Mountain Migration Report (how the influx of COVID escapees and remote workers is impacting the region)

Here are a few innovative policies which council members requested be posted on this clipboard with regard to housing:

  •  Aspen-Pitkin County being an early adopter of deed restrictions, and lately in purchasing trailer parks to preserve housing.
  • Summit County in passing a number of voter-adopted funding measures.
  • Eagle Pitkin and Summit driving Congress to pass innovative partnership legislation for USFS admin parcels.
  • Vail creating the InDeed program to purchase deed restrictions to protect existing stock, now replicated by Fraser and Mi Casa Avon.
  • And of course, innumerable public and public-private projects funded by local governments, inclusionary zoning, Short Term Rental regulations, the list goes on and on.
  • Additional Resources:
  • Go Downsize – The popular Tiny Home movement which includes 6 Colorado communities, Aspen mentioned as the only one in the mountains to have favorable policy for tiny homes.
    Outside Magazine – How to Save a Ski Town – housing crisis is causing workforce shortage
  • Census Housing Data:   Resource for researching issue through Census Data.