COVID lessons

Covid Lessons – #5

judi ~ June 8, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

Hosting a major event is like planning for a disaster. There is a saying among emergency managers that during an incident is no time for introductions, meaning you should know people you will need to know in a crisis well before a disaster is declared. Build your relationships before an incident. The accumulation of deliberate

Covid Lessons – #4

Becky ~ April 20, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

COVID provided many social experiments. We needed to change our behavior rapidly. How would we know what to do? Prior to March 2020, in Eagle County and across the nation citizens and business owners had not been through a crisis with so many unanswered questions. Nor had most of us been asked to adapt to

Covid Lessons – #2 & #3

Becky ~ April 20, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

Covid Lesson #2 – In a culture famous for “ski-bums” just getting by, a vast number of workers and families had no financial Plan-B. Nationally, Forbes reported in 2016, prior to COVID, that 63% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency. Covid Lesson #3 – In a crisis response, there are

Covid Lessons – #1

Kristylee Gogolen ~ April 1, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

This project began with inquiries to numerous contacts at Eagle County about adaptations made within the organization during the first months of the COVID response. These conversations resulted in a long story about governance during a pandemic. That piece has been serialized into these enumerated COVID Lessons newsletters being shared as a series. The intent