June 2021 – A Mountain Migration Tipping Point?

judi ~ June 22, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

This newsletter introduces The Mountain Migration report, other legislation going on in Colorado that may impact our communities, and thoughts on what it might mean to declare a housing emergency — some municipalities are considering just such a move. It also explains why the Ski Hill Resources for Economic Development Act  or SHRED is so

May 2021 – “Updates from the Water Quality & Quantity Committee – QQ”

elaina ~ June 1, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

Milestones for water advocates can be years in the making.  As a 40-plus year advocating entity and partner to many local jurisdictions involved in these matters, NWCCOG and the Water Quality & Quantity Committee (QQ) are proud to announce two recent milestones in the water world which occurred this past month.  Those are the Windy

April 2021 – “Slow and Fast Thinking on a Public Board”

elaina ~ June 1, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

Were you on a Town Board that made decisions, hundreds or perhaps thousands of them including those many decisions-within-a-decision?  If you remained in town, have you encountered impacts from your decisions?  Some decisions I recollect vividly – that vote on the leash law after 3 packed public hearings.  Others leave me wondering “well…how did we

March 2021 – “Grateful”

Kristylee Gogolen ~ March 1, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

I’ve recently written letters to both of my children and read them aloud expressing how grateful I am to each for who they are and what they’ve brought to my life. The exercise was more impactful than I expected. Even if you have appreciation for those around you, it is likely that you express that