November 21

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Employee engagement is News. Cultivating esprit de corps is always a challenge, especially through the past 18 months. With most daily work being remote, including NWCCOG’s monthly staff meetings, it was gratifying at the November meeting, to hear from team members who shared what made them proud, and what they look forward to in 2022.

October 21 – Where have all the workers gone?

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The past 18 months of COVID pandemic has triggered structural changes to our workforce. The topic may have overtaken housing, which is saying something. It seems everyone I talk with has an anecdote. Here is my take on the workforce shortage: People adapt. One adaptation is that some are learning they don’t need to work

September 2021 – Guest Authors Tina Strang and Erin Fisher

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On September 17th, Vintage , Garfield County, and Northwest Colorado Options for Long Term Care, welcomed Teepa Snow for the 13th Annual Caregiver Conference at the Keystone Conference Center. Teepa Snow is one of the world’s leading advocates and educators for anyone living with dementia or other forms of brain change.

August 2021 – Emails are not a job, THOR in the canyon, Admin Team

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If the past 18 months threw you off balance, and the external uncertainty left a low-grade anxiety lingering across your organization, maybe you should re-consider that your work habits. I’m reading Cal Newport’s A World Without Email concurrently with a virtual 8 -week mindfulness course. I highly recommend both to reconnect with how managing people

July 2021 – Wages, Jobs, Going Back to Work

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For those who think that “workplaces and wages will just return to normal” there is a reckoning on the horizon. Workers have awakened to their value, and options. Local governments and other employers who don’t adapt will suffer. One sign is a recent LinkedIn post from a member county “advertising” that they offer health care benefits for

A Mountain Migration Tipping Point? June 2021

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This newsletter introduces The Mountain Migration report, other legislation going on in Colorado that may impact our communities, and thoughts on what it might mean to declare a housing emergency — some municipalities are considering just such a move. It also explains why the Ski Hill Resources for Economic Development Act  or SHRED is so

May 2021 – “Updates from the Water Quality & Quantity Committee – QQ” REVISED 9/21

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Milestones for water advocates can be years in the making. As a 40-plus year advocating entity and partner to many local jurisdictions involved these matters, NWCCOG and the Water Quality & Quantity Committee (QQ) have been keeping a close eye on recent milestones for two major transmountain diversion expansion projects which occurred this past month.

April 2021 – “Slow and Fast Thinking on a Public Board”

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Were you on a Town Board that made decisions, hundreds or perhaps thousands of them including those many decisions-within-a-decision?  If you remained in town, have you encountered impacts from your decisions?  Some decisions I recollect vividly – that vote on the leash law after 3 packed public hearings.  Others leave me wondering “well…how did we

March 2021 – “Grateful”

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I’ve recently written letters to both of my children and read them aloud expressing how grateful I am to each for who they are and what they’ve brought to my life. The exercise was more impactful than I expected. Even if you have appreciation for those around you, it is likely that you express that