NWCCOG Women Making a Difference in Local Government

Rachel Tuyn
Dillon Town Councilor
Economic Development Director for NWCCOG

What inspired you to run for Dillon Town Council? I wake up every day and look out my window at Lake Dillon and I am so grateful that I get to live here. There was an opportunity for an open seat on the Council, which inspired me to send in my application for the open position. I’ve lived in this community for 29 years, 2 years in Wildernest, 21 years in Summit Cove, and 7 years in the Town of Dillon. I’ve raised my boys here and I am so fortunate that I get to live here, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of the Town of Dillon Team that is guiding the town forward in positive direction. Dillon is in an exciting time now and there are so many opportunities that we must make our town goals a reality.

How long have you been on Dillon Town Council? I have been on council for 1 month. There were 3 open seats, two incumbents and one leaving because of term limits. 3 people submitted applications so there was no election and so all 3 of us are deemed elected.

What is your vision for Dillon as a Council Member? We need to embrace the fact that we are a growing community and we have been for the last few years. We need to balance protecting the small-town character but also providing amenities that benefit the town and full/part time residents. Dillon is a community of part time residents (60% of all our housing units are vacant for seasonal or recreational use) and their dollars spent in our town help to provide basic services for all folks that live or visit Dillon. There has been a great deal of master planning with public input since 2020 which includes a town core master plan, walkability, and marina plans that help guide our Town Comp plan. I’d like to see these town goals come to fruition as far as how to protect our community assets and events.

Jonnah Glassman
Silverthorne Town Councilor
Medicare SHIP & Volunteer Coordinator for NWCCOG

What inspired you to run for Silverthorne Town Council? Sometimes a door opens, and you walk through it! From the moment I applied, to when I got the position, I did not feel like I was in my body and was shocked. Someone told me to run when I first moved here and it’s something I never thought I would do. I have a lot of community experience running food pantries and running NWCCOG’s AAA Medicare program. I have a more unique perspective than those typically in local government and have so much to offer. I enjoy being a voice for the community and for folks that might not be represented at the local government level. Working at NWCCOG, I get to see so much in my day-to-day work and that really complements my work on the Town Council.

How long have you been on Silverthorne Town Council? I was appointed in July 2023 and was reelected to my seat on April 2, 2024.

What is your vision for Silverthorne as an elected official? My favorite thing about Silverthorne is their efforts in celebrating the local community. Our First Friday’s events, community art space, community murals all bring us together to celebrate one another and the diverse cultures we have. This for me has created an exceptional quality of life and I hope to continue to embrace that and make more efforts forward. Our motto is ‘locals first, tourists welcome’ and we really want to highlight local businesses, artists, and community members. We have a project now to make a walkable downtown area near the Bluebird Food Hall and the Indigo Hotel and be more known for community rather than outlet shopping. It is a balance of community/town wants, and the developers needs/wants. If you’re coming through Silverthorne, come check out a First Friday event, the Art Spot, or a show at the SilCO Theatre Company!


Dana Wood
Silt Planning and Zoning Commissioner
Mobility Manager for NWCCOG

What inspired you to become a Silt Planning and Zoning Commissioner? I moved to Silt in October 2023 and have lived in Garfield County since 2011. I have been active with nonprofits and volunteering in communities throughout the Colorado River Valley for 12 years. I have always been passionate about community change and being able to use my voice on a local platform to make a positive impact. I was on Rifle Planning and Zoning and Rifle City Council from 2015-2017 and really enjoyed my time in local government while I lived in the community. I knew I wanted to get involved when I moved to Silt and was encouraged by Silt’s Mayor Pro-Tem to apply for the open spot. Silt is at a pivotal time of growth and there are several exciting projects happening. I want to be a part of those decisions that will benefit the community in the long-term.

How long have you been on Silt Planning and Zoning? I was appointed in October 2023 as an alternate.

What is your vision for Silt as a Commissioner? My vision is that we keep up with the needs and wants of the community while sticking to our small-town charm and what is in our comprehensive plan. I would love to see a grocery store, more restaurants, and affordable housing units for purchase. I would also like to lift up the rich community supported agricultural resources and opportunities that we have in Silt, making them more accessible to under resourced populations. There are more businesses starting up in town, including an outdoor events/food truck space that will be right on the Colorado River. They will also have music (when open to the public), water recreation support such as food, and games. I hope this becomes a brick-and-mortar events center soon because it would be an incredible asset for the Town!

Becky Walter
Summit County Planning and Zoning Commissioner
Fiscal Director for NWCCOG

What inspired you to run for Summit County Planning and Zoning Commission? I have been becoming more interested in how our county is the way it is. I want to learn more about the future growth plans of the county after living in Summit County for 13 years. I heard about the Blueprint Summit as a citizen and went to the open house plan and was very fascinated about the topics. I spoke with one of the county commissioners and she said I would be a great fit, so I decided to apply. I applied for the Upper Blue P&A and Summit County and was given the choice of, so I chose Summit County! I want to make my community a better and more peaceful place to live. Living along the highway is loud and folks are speeding up and down the road. I want to learn more about who makes decisions on these types of things.

How long have you been on Summit County Planning and Zoning Commission? My first meeting was in May 2024!

What is your vision for Silverthorne as an appointed official? We have an increasing workforce population in Blue River and I would love to see some micro transit initiatives here to increase access to town. We do not have a shoulder for all the added bus stops for folks waiting for the bus and it is very dangerous, especially when we have a ton of snow. Getting a safe shoulder constructed on this stretch of highway for bicycle riders since we are right on the continental divide. My number one priority is making sure that we balance our county’s growth, tourism, and other needs with infrastructure and quality of life for those that live here. I use our trails and have been involved in the community both as a volunteer and working for nonprofits for 13 years. I want to be part of creating a sustainable and safe community while learning about constraints and opportunities within the county’s comprehensive plan. I am very inspired by friends and women my age that are also involved in local government. Without community, we would not be a desirable place to live.