If your household does not qualify for free assistance you can sign up for our Pay it Forward Service Program.

  • We will send our experienced technicians out to your home to conduct an energy assessment, perform health and safety checks and identify any issues responsible for energy loss.
  • We will then recommend energy upgrades for your home and provide a quote for the work.
  • After you decide which repairs and improvements you’d like to make, our experienced technicians will perform the work at competitive prices.

The fees you pay directly support our non-profit efforts to provide critical energy assistance to income-qualified Colorado families.

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Your tax-deductible gift to NWCCOG’s Energy Program contributes directly to the health and financial security of families across the 13 counties we serve in Northwest Colorado. Contributions allow the Energy Program to meet critical needs for families that go beyond the scope of what is usually funded through weatherization programs. Your generosity means they no longer must choose between heating their homes and buying essentials like food or medicine. You can give hope to people in need through a gift to NWCCOG’s Energy Program today.

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