NWCCOG Foundation

The Mission of the NWCCOG Foundation is to provide a mechanism for the member jurisdictions of Northwest Colorado Council of Governments to work collaboratively with not for profit organizations, citizen based groups and individuals on projects of mutual interest and benefit for the region.

The NWCCOG Foundation Inc. was incorporated November 4, 1996 (filed 3/19/1996) as a 501c3 to serve 8 counties—NWCCOG’s 5 plus Routt, Garfield and Lake Counties. The name was changed July 10, 1997 to Northwest Colorado Foundation Inc. with the state though the name was not changed at a federal level operating under the same EIN with 990s filed under the original name since. Per policy, the Foundation accepts donations on behalf of local projects that are accepted by the Board which is comprised of the three elected officers of the NWCCOG Council (Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer).

Per policy, it charges a 7.5% administration fee on all funds that are received into the NWCCOG Foundation bank account for outside projects. This administration fee will be used to cover overhead and operating expenses related to the administration of the NWCCOG Foundation. The services provided for this administration fee include staff time and resources to account for all contributions received, provide acknowledgements for all contributions received, produce periodic project reports, write grant proposals, administer grant agreements/contracts between the NWCCOG Foundation and funders, and ensure that an annual independent audit is conducted. NWCCOG Programs may accept donations or grants through the NWCCOG Foundation without a vote of the board and without the administrative fees.

The NWCCOG Foundation maintains a separate bank account and separates funds within that account by project. NWCCOG Maintains the Foundation status annually with the Colorado Secretary of State and keeps it in good standing with the IRS guidelines. The Foundation convenes with the NWCCOG Council December meeting to vote on minutes, approve the next year’s budget and any other pertinent business. It convenes in January again and whenever called to convene, posted in alignment with a regular NWCCOG Council meeting. These are the norms under which it has operated. The Foundation will adopt bylaws in the near future.

Members may request use of the Northwest Colorado Foundation for projects by filling out a form which can be requested from the Office Manager. That request can be put on the agenda for review at the next regularly scheduled NWCCOG Council meeting.

Success Story

Swan Mountain Recreation Path

Summit County is home to an existing 55-mile countywide recreation path that is utilized by an estimated 500,000 people each year. This recreation path is a primary amenity supporting the county’s resort economy and the valued “quality of life” that attracts visitors and residents alike. The missing segment of this recreation path system is the…

Success Story

Gypsum Community Arts Center

The NWCCOG Foundation, in partnership with the Town of Gypsum, and with the support of other local governments within Eagle County, Colorado, leveraged support for the construction of an outdoor theater in Gypsum, Colorado. The Community Arts Center is designed primarily as an outdoor theater. However, the design is such that the doors in front…

Success Story

Blue River Restoration Project

The Blue River Restoration project was a collaborative effort involving representatives from the Town of Silverthorne, NWCCOG Foundation, Inc., Trout Unlimited, US Forest Service-White River National Forest, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado Department of Transportation, Denver Water Board, and Summit County Government. Between November 1, 2002 and November 1, 2003 the working committee raised $99,898…

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