Salamander Credentialing System

One example of grant purchased equipment used by every County is the Salamander Credentialing System which they share in massive disasters. The Salamander is a card ID system which can print new cards on site, and is used to track the location of personnel and equipment in real time. It keeps records of on-scene usage, allowing for personnel and equipment to be checked in and out, like a mobile timeclock system. The system has benefits in real time during an incident. Using the Salamander credentialing during an evacuation also allows for tracking evacuees and provides security for their property access, including pets held in a shelter as in the Peak 2 fire in Summit County and the Lake Christine Fire in Basalt. These are just two small examples.

There are three Salamander Mobile credentialing resources located within the NWAHEMR purchased through the grant. The most significant benefit of the system is the ability to generate reports after the incident on personnel time and expenses. When the County and State seek funding, they must provide detailed and accurate data within these reports for State and Federal assistance in recouping the costs. The accuracy of such data are often a failure point in local jurisdictions being able to tap FEMA reimbursement funding.