The Water Quality/ Quantity Committee (QQ) comprises municipalities, counties, water and sanitation districts, and conservancy districts in the headwaters region of Colorado located in Grand, Summit, Eagle, Pitkin, Park and Gunnison counties. The Colorado River Water Conservation District is also a QQ member. The Board is made up of elected and appointed officials from member jurisdictions. QQ’s purpose is to facilitate and augment the efforts of member jurisdictions to protect and enhance the region’s water quality while encouraging its responsible use for the good of Colorado citizens and the environment. QQ’s contract team provides members with legislative monitoring, water quality information, litigation and rulemaking support, trans-mountain diversion oversight, and related technical assistance to further intergovernmental cooperation, and increase political clout with state and federal agencies. QQ’s policies frame its work. The below links take you to more information about QQ’s work in the following areas:
  1. Policy One – Protecting and implementing local government authority to protect water resources
  2. Policy Two – Building coalitions and education
  3. Policy Three – Oversight of transmountain diversion proposals and projects
  4. Policy Four – Protecting water quality
  5. Policy Five – Influencing water policy