QQ has participated in and supported efforts of the Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Stakeholder Group (W&S SG) since its inception in 2007. The W&S SG works collaboratively to balance permanent protection of the Outstandingly Remarkable Values, certainty for the stakeholders, water project yield, and flexibility for water users along the Upper Colorado River, from Gore Canyon through Glenwood Canyon. The W&S SG finalized the Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Alternative Management Plan in June of 2020. The BLM and USFS field offices for the Upper Colorado River had previously incorporated the management plan by reference into their planning documents in 2018.  The W&S SG currently conducts monitoring in the Upper Colorado River in an effort to protect the River’s Outstandingly Remarkable Values of recreational boating and fishing. QQ currently serves as one of several fiscal agents for the W&S SG and as a contracting agent for the W&S SG Administrator, Anna Drexler-Dreis. QQ supports the local government interest group, comprised of Grand, Summit, and Eagle County representatives along with QQ. For more information on the W&S SG, visit upcowildandscenic.com.