Project THOR

Get Ready for Middle-mile Grants – Doug Dawson, CCG Consulting

Michelle ~ May 3, 2022 ~ Blog Love: 0

Alan Davidson, the Administrator of NTIA, recently held a press conference and webcast talking about the $1 billion middle-mile grant program…I envision that the projects with the biggest chance of success will be similar to Project Thor, which was organized by local communities, or to projects done by states to reach remote areas like is

DOLA Grant awarded to Project THOR and Region 10

Michelle ~ March 9, 2022 ~ Blog Love: 0

NWCCOG has been awarded a $2,195,758 DOLA Broadband Grant to upgrade the Project THOR network. Region 10 also received a grant to expand and extend their network as well. Because these network upgrades and enhancements have been designated as “Being of Significant Interest to the State”, there is no local match required for these funds.

Tom Clements Award Honorable Mention 2020

Michelle ~ October 8, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

Nate Walowitz, NWCCOG Regional Broadband Director, receives Honorable Mention by Gov. Polis’ Office for Outstanding Service in Government for the Tom Clements award. As the Cameron Creek fire raged, Nate’s effort over one weekend to connect Estes Park was heroic and innovative, drawing upon many partners developed over the years through NWCCOG’s Broadband Program. (photo

Breckenridge Fiber 9600

Becky ~ February 10, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

Things move fast in Breck. The Town  invested in an extensive network of public fiber to accelerate innovative solutions to major challenges. The TOB was the first to connect to Project THOR through a Summit County hosted Meet-me-Center location to support their ambitious municipal broadband project, known as Fiber9600  as a part of the multipronged

Aspen Community Broadband

Becky ~ February 10, 2021 ~ Blog Love: 0

NWCCOG celebrates The City of Aspen’s “Aspen Community Broadband” project which was recognized for one of three annual Excellence Awards from CGAIT (Colorado Government Association of Information Technology) in 2020 for “Enhancing Public-Facing Communications and Services.” This is the announcement from CGAIT: Aspen’s remote geographic location and the adverse impacts from periodic commercial Internet Service