THOR for Communities

Project THOR was created to help communities bring affordable, reliable, accessible broadband to their communities. When matched by local broadband programs and internet service providers interested in serving homes, businesses, government, and community anchor institutions via local fiber and wireless network, Project THOR delivers bringing best in class broadband solutions to our mountain communities.

Communities across the NWCCOG and throughout the State of Colorado have been successful in bringing best in class broadband to their communities through grass roots efforts. In fact, this is how all the most successful broadband projects across NWCCOG and the regional broadband project got it start.

These efforts can be led by community members and/or government officials and combine community interest with available resources and existing local internet service providers to create a strategic plan based on concrete, achievable objects and identifying funding sources and options. This plan will assist a community determine next steps and a path to accomplishing their objectives.

Connecting to Project THOR requires a community investment to establish a location to host the Project THOR network equipment, IT rack space, a reliable form of backup power, and fiber connections to the Project THOR network backbone. There is also an ongoing monthly financial commitment for services including monthly support fees which are paid by all the Project THOR Stakeholders.

NWCCOG stands ready to provide technical assistance to your community. This includes, initial community organizing around broadband, advising on requirements analysis, community planning, community broadband briefings, RFP development, vendor selection, state and federal broadband funding, and project deployment and future planning. This of course includes connection to Project THOR.

For more information contact Nate Walowitz.