Building Coalitions and Education

QQ’s work in this area focuses on advocating for “smart growth” and better linking water and land use planning through out the state, coordinating with elected officials, state agencies, and other partners on water quality interests, and fostering the productive regional management of water resources.

Our work:

  • Member education
  • Education on QQ’s recreation and tourism economy
  • Coordinating and education to better link water planning and land use planning.
  • Participation in the Upper Colorado Wild and Scenic Management Plan and Stakeholder Group.
    • In 2018, QQ wrote a memorandum summarizing temperature data in the Wild and Scenic stretch, to provide a background understanding of temperature while working with the Group to ensure protection of the Upper CO’s wild & scenic outstandingly remarkable values.
  • Outreach during the development of Colorado’s Water Plan

QQ is in the process of adding to the website. Stay tuned for more resources and information.