Published November of 2020, report makes recommendations for changing SB20-217 and how the state administers it so as to have a less-negative impact on community policing in the region. Report was compiled by Retired Chief Heather Coogan of True to Course LLC who interviewed Chiefs and Sheriffs across the region about how they are adapting local policy and budgets in the wake of the Colorado Legislature passing SB20-217 the Use of Force bill which imposes sweeping reforms on police in the wake of national incidents and protest in the summer of 2020. Report also provides insights into Law Enforcement for other public leaders to better understand how agencies work. Report was funded by NWCCOG, CIRSA and a COG-cycle grant from DOLA. Staff at CIRSA formatted and published the document. Hard Copies still available.

Date posted: June 29, 2022 | Author: